DPS 1-on-1 Online

Learning without an instrument has been taught and practiced in the past by auspicious teachers and performers, but never with a Body/Mind/Heart focus. Score study, meditation, communication skills and relaxation are all important aspects to the DPS approach to Learning without an instrument.

While Mental Practicing is an obviously important component of Learning without an instrument, and is the one emphasized by other methods, the real key of this exercise lies in the revelations about one’s Body/Mind/Heart make-up that suggest where and how one should focus future practicing. In particular, Emotional Practicing is the real key to effective Learning without an instrument.

Frederic Chiu breaks out this important exercise of the DPS workshops into separate 1-hour modules that can be done through Skype or the Tonerow platform.

0. *introduction to Body/Mind/Heart concepts (offered as a free introduction)

  1. 1.*memory and layering

  2. 2.*memory and pattern recognition

  3. 3.memory and score-writing exercises I

  4. 4.memory and score-writing exercises II

  5. 5.*meditation on physical image

  6. 6.*meditation on aural image

  7. 7.meditation on visual image

  8. 8.*stage fright

  9. 9.*performance of piece, discussion of Emotional practicing

This series can be spread out over a minimum 2 week period, but can stretch over months if preferred. Only the final session requires a piano. Some exercises can go more in depth, but the core comprises 6 parts (*). The 6-part package costs $1800. Sessions can be added en route, and all parts can be repeated as necessary, at an individual session rate of $300.