Deeper Piano Studies


What is DPS?

The Inner Life of the Performer with Frederic Chiu

Deeper Piano Studies is NOT another teaching method. It is a supplement to your current approach. It provides the outside perspective and mind-shift that makes your current work more productive, more engaging, more satisfying.

DPS was originally created for pianists, and now has expanded to include all musicians and performers, including dancers and actors. What I have learned as a pianist is equally applicable to all performers, at the deeper core level.

Pianists have been trained to look for improvement through their practicing. But practicing more at the piano is not always the answer! Learn about new ways to practice and - even more importantly - open up to new areas of working on yourself.

"Since the workshop my sense of internal and external awareness and level of self-confidence have increased. I wish I could have found something similar ten years ago! For me and my career this workshop marks a new beginning." Workshop alumnus

The pianist's life can provide great personal rewards but it can also present great risks.

Pianists are artists who are at great risk of becoming anti-social, self-centered and isolated. In fact, the amount of independent work required from a very young age practically programs a pianist for a solitary lifestyle. The piano lends itself to the study and performance of almost any style of music; a pianist could spend a lifetime without confronting the musical opinions of another person, studying only the immense solo, chamber music and symphonic repertoires that have been composed or arranged for the individual player.

We work on opening up the pianist to outside influences, to collaborations and confrontations, and to self-observation through the eyes of others.

Pianists already have the tools necessary to do this. Few professions, even in the performing arts, simultaneously require the disciplined physical strength and precision, the intellectual multi-tasking and the emotional understanding and expression demanded of a pianist. Pianists can reap substantial benefits from their particular training, which touches on the three fundamental elements that form a person: the body, the heart and the mind. However, it is only by and deeply and consciously developing these three areas that pianists can achieve an internal equilibrium, which allows them to reach their true potential as artists and enjoy meaningful relationships with their audiences.

If you have memory lapses; suffer from stage fright; feel pressure at competitions; feel your practicing could be or should be more efficient; have questions about your career direction - then you are ready for Deeper Piano Studies.

If you are looking for a way to connect at a deeper level with your audience, with your music, with your students, with yourself - then you are ready for Deeper Piano Studies.

If you suffer from arm cramps, or fatigue, or tension - then you are ready for Deeper Piano Studies.

Culver, Indiana