Other DPS Programs



One-on-One DPS

One-on-one DPS focuses on helping individuals with processes and problems found in specific works and projects. DPS ideas and techniques, introduced at Workshop Retreats, are implemented on an individual level, through a scheduled program of "lessons".

DPS for Young Artists

Gifted young artists who are not yet qualified to attend Workshop Retreats may follow a special program designed to prepare them for later participation in DPS groups. Young Artists program are offered in the form of one-on-one instruction over one year.

A pre-college group program is being developed - look for it soon.

DPS Concerts

An intimate space like the salons of tradition is the ideal setting for DPS Concerts. Audiences have a chance to make personal contact with great pianists - professionals as well as young artists on the verge of international careers. They are also opportunities for performers to communicate with an audience as pianists and as people. DPS Concerts are often hosted by individuals or groups in private homes and/or other smaller venues.

DPS Seminars and Masterclasses

Seminars and Masterclasses provide larger groups with access to specific DPS concepts, through a series of one to two hour presentations. The lecture/demonstration format includes group participation in DPS exercises. Seminars can be done with or without a Masterclass.

Masterclasses focus on specific repertory and performance practices. In a two-hour session, one to three performers have the opportunity to play before a group and learn to apply DPS methods to their approach

The documentary Deeper Piano Studies follows the work of one particular DPS group, which includes first prize winners of many international piano competitions. Also included are exclusive performance videos by Spencer Myer and Stephen Beus, as well as by Frederic Chiu himself, in repertoire including Bach, Debussy, Schubert, Liszt and Prokofiev.

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