Rates - Financial Aid



DPS Workshop Retreats:

    * Application fee - $100

    * Per Workshop Per Participant - $700

      (includes tuition and meals)

    * Lodging (if private housing options are available) - $150

Total including application fee, tuition, meals, lodging = $950

    * Full 4-session series - $3300

One-on-One DPS:

    * Individual session $170

    * Full year program (20 sessions) $3000


    * Individual Seminar $1000

    * Individual Masterclass $1000

    * Individual Seminar/Masterclass $1500

    * 4 Seminar/Masterclass series $5000

    * DPS for Young Artists (20 sessions) $3000

    * DPS Concerts - per concert $4000

Financial Aid is available for students for certain workshops. Please ask for a Financial Aid application if you are interested.

The Deeper Piano Studies Workshops are conducted by Beechwood Arts, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation promoting creativity and innovation through collaborative, experiential, cross-disciplinary activities. Generous donors who support these ideas have provided certain scholarships. Participants are chosen on the basis of their potential to contribute towards the balance and diversity of their unique group, with no regard for financial means.

Grateful thanks to the generous support of the Charley Creek Foundation, the McCadden Family Foundation and Yamaha Artist Services, which makes the continuation of this program possible.