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Beethoven Symphony Grassroots Tour

Liszt toured Europe for 10 years in the early 1800’s. He implemented a grassroots effort to popularize the music of Beethoven through his own remarkable transcription.

Frederic Chiu brings these timeless works to audiences around the world, in the Liszt version for solo piano, a refreshing perspective on these war-horses.

He is offering the Symphony V, depicting the victorious struggle against hardships. He also presents Symphony VII, a luminous work by Beethoven during a period when he was coming to terms with his deafness.

For teaching activities, link to Deeper Piano Studies

Carnival of the Animals

New poetry written and performed by David Gonzalez brings a hip and modern twist to this children’s classic. The depth of the text gives something to adults to chew on as well. Frederic performs the virtuosic version for solo piano. A wonderfully refreshing and engaging version of this family favorite.

"Great time at the Spiegeltent event today. Watching my kid bop to classical music was awesome.” - A listener posting on Frederic Chiu's Wall

Classical Smackdown - Two Programs

“Debussy vs. Prokofiev” and “Bach vs. Glass”

At the end of the concert, audiences don’t leave - they stay and discuss, and even argue, about the choice between two composers. In the process of voting, everyone hears things differently, and everyone gets involved. Audiences old and new have a great time!

“I can’t believe I liked modern Classical music so much. Thanks for the eye-opener.” Smackdown voter

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Prokofiev 125th Anniversary

Frederic Chiu has recorded all the piano music that exists by Prokofiev and is widely recognized as the leading modern proponent of the composer’s music. Prokofiev’s own son exclaimed “He is the first pianist I’ve heard who plays like my father played.”

In the 125th year of his birth, what better way to bring this popular but misunderstood composer to audiences. Chiu presents numerous transcriptions of his own Prokofiev favorites. When Chiu plays Prokofiev, the audience is always on their feet – often before the end!

“Concerto #1: Excellent – Bravo!” Serge Prokofiev (grandson of the composer!)

Frederic at the Prokofiev Museum in Moscow

In Distant Voices, Chiu pairs two unlikely composers, bridging not only centuries but also cultures. This is Chiu’s first recording of Claude Debussy, with favorites Clair de Lune and Rêverie, paired with the award-winning contemporary Chinese composer Gao Ping, including the world premier of Concealed Kisses for Vocalizing Pianist. The CD includes audio and video with special filmed interviews with Chiu. On disc and live in concert, this program has been a revelation to audiences.

“Frederic Chiu always stretches the boundaries.” Herald Tribune

Hymns & Dervishes pairs hypnotic, otherworldly music by mystic philosopher G.I. Gurdjieff, (transcribed by De Hartmann) with the timeless beauty, power and spirituality of Bach. Gurdjieff’s music is presented on the CD and in concert with altered tunings inspired by ancient Middle Eastern traditions and paired with Bach transcribed by Chiu.

“The highly regarded pianist FREDERIC CHIU is known for challenging programs and fine technique.” New York Times