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Harmonia Mundi Releases


Sonatas for violin and piano

Pierre Amoyal, violin

1 CD



“The finest French violinist since Jacques Thibaud...sheer tonal enchantment…, partnered in terms of thrilling equality by pianist Frederic Chiu.” – Fanfare

“Brahms in the Grand Manner” – Gramophone


Lieder Transcriptions

1 CD



“For the first time, I didn’t feel “What are these doing, when I can listen to them being sung?” In the case of one or two of them I might even say that I was more moved than I ever have been listening to them being sung.”- Classic CD


Twelve Etudes op.25

1 CD



“In his sensual, shimmering account of Chopin's Op. 25 Etudes, Frederic Chiu reminds us that while the action of a piano may be percussive, it is at its core a stringed instrument. Phrases are stroked and strummed. Melodic lines sing out as if bowed.” – San Francisco Chronicle


Etudes op.10. Rondos op.1, 5, 16 & 73

1 CD



“Like it or not..., this is a disc from which anyone seriously interested in piano-playing could learn. Chiu...finds more music in these works than most of his rivals seem even to search for. He is a lyricist at heart, with an instinct for melodic inflection from which many singers could pick up some valuable tips.” - Classic CD


Complete Mazurkas

2 CD



Nobody’s else’s mazurkas dance this magically” - Dallas Morning News

“The Mazurkas sparkle with infectious rhythm. An irresistible album that makes new these works we have often heard before.” - The Commercial Appeal, Memphis


Complete Music for Solo Piano. Violin Sonatas

Pierre Amoyal, Violin

10 CD HMU907256

3- 2000

Chiu’s playing is remarkable not only for its dazzling pianism but for the independent and penetrating quality of the mind behind it, though there’s nothing arid or “intellectual” about it. Indeed, its sense of spontaneity is often incandescent. This is a man who knows exactly where he’s going – and more to the point, where the music is going. The pianism is both breathtaking and extraordinarily subtle, the rhythms buoyant, driving and caressing by turns, but ultimately it’s the particular blend of characterization and structure which lifts most of these performances so far out of the ordinary. The playing lacks nothing in the way of motoric excitement but in many ways it’s far more sophisticated and refined than Prokofiev’s own playing. ” – BBC Music Magazine


Sonatas for violin and piano.

Pierre Amoyal, Violin

1 CD



“This is Grieg at his best. Chiu [is] rapidly becoming one of the finest pianists on the scene today in a variety of repertory.” - CD Now


Années de Pèlerinage

1 CD



“I think the piano sound is stunning there…listening to that I felt he was playing just for me, which is exactly what I want from a piano recording…My strongest impression is one of reverence - here's a musician who really respects the spiritual and visionary aspects of Liszt and has the technique to communicate it…For such a young player he has immense powers of concentration, so that even in long phrases like those we've just heard, he maintains a sense of direction…Frederic Chiu - how does he do it? …A very fine disc indeed, full price and well worth it" – CD Review, BBC Radio 3


Piano Music. William Tell Overture

1 CD



“Frederic Chiu gives a dazzling lesson in piano playing.  At once alert and biting, dreamy and poetic, the American pianist finds each time the right tone riding between lordly distinction and elegant salon-style grace.  The William Tell Overture is literally “Toscaninian” in its inspired virtuosity.  Choc ” - Monde de la Musique


Piano Music (Romeo & Juliette etc.)

1 CD



“these clean-lined but highly characterized performances are notable for their unpretentious integrity, for their pure colors, their sensitive dynamics...recommended” - Fanfare


Ravel, Décaux, Schönberg

1 CD



“Chiu is a stunningly virtuosic pianist with a dynamic range that almost defies the capabilities of modern recording techniques…” - BBC Music Magazine



1 CD



“One cannot imagine playing more elegant, more refined, more spiritual than Chiu’s.  In [Schulz-Evler’s Arabeques on the Blue Danube] he plays with more charm, more cunning, more finesse than [Joseph Lhevine and Jorge Bolet].” - Le Monde


Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2

1 CD



“The warm, soft-throated lyricism of Pierre Amoyal’s approach is reminiscent of Perlman’s recordings, with the same generosity of tone. Amoyal’s sparkling effervescence [is] laced with a songful purity of tone. Frederic Chiu partners him with great sensitivity, his delicacy of touch apparent throughout. [He] creates a blurred, impressionistic sound-world which does add to its air of exquisite stillness.” - * * * * * - BBC Music Magazine


Piano Sonatas, Rondo Capriccioso

1 CD


“Piano recordings with truly superlative sound are still extremely rare; this is one of the very good ones. Everything is laid out in front of us - Chiu’s exquisitely graded dynamics, his feathery staccatos, his sumptuous legatos, and his fierce, unbroken attention to expressive details.  Disc of the Month”- CD Review

Carnival of the Animals

with David Gonzalez, narrator

To Purchase, click hereStore.html

Beethoven/Liszt Symphony V

“To write a comment on one of the greatest

masterpieces of music, transcribed for piano

by a genius and performed by one of the

world's most outstanding pianist would almost

be inappropriate. I am speechless.”

Produced by Judith Sherman - Grammy “Producer of the Year”

A dazzling performance by Frederic Chiu of Saint-Saëns’ beloved suite, transcribed for solo piano, with original family-friendly poetry by David Gonzalez that gives The Carnival of the Animals a new and artistic philosophical twist.

The Tortoise, The Swan, Wild Horses and the rest of Saint-Saëns’ marvelous musical menagerie are reborn with the Chiu/Gonzalez performance.


Yamaha Entertainment Group presents its inaugural Classical Music release, a special recording of Frederic Chiu playing the music of Debussy and Gao Ping. In addition to a full audio CD, YEG offers a Video docu-concert, including interviews and full performance sof the program. YEG will also make the program available on DisklavierTV.

Works include Debussy’s two Books of Images, as well as Gao Ping’s Distant Voices and Two Soviet Love Songs for Vocalizing Pianist.

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Beethoven/Liszt Symphony V

To Purchase, click hereDistantVoicesCD.html