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Beethoven/Liszt Symphony V

“To write a comment on one of the greatest

masterpieces of music, transcribed for piano

by a genius and performed by one of the world's most outstanding pianist would almost be inappropriate. I am speechless.”

Produced by Judith Sherman - Grammy “Producer of the Year” 2007

CD $15 + $4 S&H

The beautiful duet for mezzo-soprano and violin is often considered the high point of Bach’s masterpiece, the St Matthew Passion.

In the grand tradition of Busoni, Frederic Chiu has transcribed this aria for solo piano, and plays it often as an encore to his recital programs.

Hardcopy score $15 + $4 S&H

In addition to having recorded the complete

works for piano by Sergei Prokofiev,

Frederic Chiu has also contributed to the

Prokofiev catalogue with this transcription of one of the composer’s most popular orchestral suites.

Includes 4 movements:

Romance, Kije’s Wedding, Troika and Kije’s Burial

Hardcopy score $20 + $4 S&H

Sergei Prokofiev

Lieutenant Kije Suite

Arranged by Frederic Chiu

for solo piano

Johann Sebastian Bach

Erbarme dich

Arranged by Frederic Chiu

for solo piano

Disklavier recordings for the Yamaha Disklavier piano

Yamaha MusicSoft provides exclusive educational and entertainment products for owners of Yamaha keyboards, Clavinovas, and Disklavier pianos.

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Public Merrymaking

(from Romeo & Juliet)

Frederic Chiu’s Latest Transcriptions!!

A fresh accent to the already

wonderful 10-piece suite arranged by Prokofiev himself, Frederic Chiu’s arrangement of Public Merrymaking (Village Dance) follows the composer’s own example of arranging the form and voicing to translate to solo piano.

PLUS - Another scene from the original orchestral ballet, Morning Serenade appears at the end of the ballet, when Juliet is confronted by her parents, who try to cajole her into an arranged marriage with music and dance.

Hardcopy score $15 + $4 S&H

PDF download not available


Morning Serenade

(from Romeo & Juliet)


A dazzling performance by Frederic Chiu

of Saint-Saëns’ beloved suite, transcribed

for solo piano, with new, family-friendly

poetry by David Gonzalez that gives The Carnival of the Animals an artistic, philosophical twist.

The Tortoise, The Swan, Wild Horses and the rest of Saint-Saëns’ marvelous musical menagerie are reborn with the Chiu/Gonzalez performance.

Download Instantly! $15

Exclusive availability through permission of the composer!!

Gao Ping’s music has been specially typeset and made available here through an arrangement with the composer. Made popular by Frederic Chiu’s Distant Voices recording, you can get the scores for these works in Printed Hardcopy or PDF download.

- Distant Voices - Three pieces for solo piano

  [I think of them as Debussy’s Images Book 3! - Frederic]

  1. -Pieces for Vocalizing Pianist - Concealed Kisses #1 and 2 Soviet

  Love Songs [available together exclusively through this site.]

Hardcopy score $15 + $5 S&H

PDF download $15


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